13/6 - Weekly Movements (REITs and STI)

In this post, we look at the price and volume movements of S-REITs and STI Components, week on week. Tidied up the presentation a bit, let me know if you prefer the previous one!


See my previous post for how the values are derived.

This week, REITs had no clear trend as a whole, be it volume or price wise. Majority of them fell between the [-50% to +100%] and [-1% to 1.5%] intervals for volume and price changes respectively.

Sector Level:


This table shows the top 3 gains and drops in week-on-week volume, which can be considered as a proxy for general investor interest.

Apart from the above indicator for general interest, the below table looks as weekly price changes, which can be considered as a proxy for which counters investors find more favorable/attractive this week.

STI Components

For the STI components, most of them recorded higher trading volume/interest week-on-week, with mixed price movements. 


All data sourced from Yahoo Finance. REIT's classification into primary sectors sourced from REIT-tirement. New posts for this series will come up either late Friday (after market hours), or over the weekends.

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